My interest and curiosity in the nature of humans and values of people, that forms part of a bigger culture, began from an early age. Being raised in community settings where people originated from different backgrounds and varying beliefs,a keen appreciation of diversity started to form. Although, customs, traditions and values were very important segments of this diversity, as a youngster, my focus was primarily on the variety of food and drink.



My siblings and I throughout our happy childhood have enjoyed a range of delicious mouthfuls along with friends, making every routine day delightfully memorable. Be it hurriedly exchanged lunch box staples in school, cookery trial goodies from mother’s kitty, festival sweets and savories steeped in custom, deep fried delights from the campus canteen, coffee and snacks on long train journeys or simply gorging on tropical fruit and iced lemonade on a scorching day-Every single memory is accompanied by a scrumptious morsel. 

University living and later setting up home in Britain brought new associations with people from diverse cultures and yet again food and drink played a significant part in creating togetherness. However, other aspects like customs, traditions, beliefs and values piqued my interest. I am still on the quest for gathering knowledge about our differences and how they bring us closer. I firmly believe that by drawing from our different strengths, something splendid can be created. The fusion recipes on this site are outstanding examples. 

Through this website, I hope to shape the thinking of the younger generation in particular to celebrate their differences and forge a new tomorrow as true global citizens. Let us get back to being ‘human’ as perfectly captured in this quote.