Child ….. the father???

Curious young minds and their incessant thirst for knowledge should be a trait carried over well into adult hood and also throughout our lives. Adults have a huge responsibility to guide and steer children and shape their thinking, so that they can  make informed decisions not only about their future but also for generations to come. In the modern world, awareness of young people has progressed in leaps and bounds which can be attributed to the all pervasive media attention in general and social media platforms in particular. The opinions and involvement of the youth of today impacts every area of our daily life ranging from politics, education, finances and general quality of life. My son, nephew and their young friends have been the bridge between generations and helped understand their thoughts, functions and abilities that are very different from their parents and grandparents. This section will showcase contributions from young ones that may sometimes be inspiring and at times hysterical – nevertheless thought provoking.





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