What makes us different….

Since humans started to appear in the timeline of evolution, we have fought alongside other species and sub species to inhabit this magnificent planet. ‘Survival of the fittest’ was the driving force for hundreds of thousands of years and the brute force of nature, which was all powerful, determined the existence of every being. Once the ‘homosapiens-‘ ancient ancestors of the human species, started to develop their cognitive and inventive abilities, we gradually became different – by defining social and societal constructs, by patronising art, architecture and literature, by indulging in the power of discovery and invention and by creating a new environment that best suited them. The ‘human’ was born and the world belonged to them …..their superior skills and modern techniques ensured that they didn’t just survive but they thrived. So when we talk today of differences in race, religion, ethnicity and other such factors, it is crucial to remember – that we are all part of the same human species, and we are one of a kind. There has not been another species of human anywhere on Earth for around 30,000 years. Safe in that knowledge, we can start to learn from each other and harness our strengths to foster a better tomorrow where cooperation and coexistence are happily restored. In this section I share with you anything that has inspired and motivated me over the years- from literary works to fine art, fashion or design or even attitudes and actions of some people- anything and everything that has spurred me on!!!


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