Mixed bajjis

There is little else that could be so moreish eaten wherever in the world you are, in any weather and enjoyed on your own or as a party snack accompanied with steaming hot coffee, a sharp gin and tonic or a chilled beer .... A big thumbs up to the bajjis that started out as … Continue reading Mixed bajjis

Orange drizzle cake

This is my 'go to' bake for friends, colleagues  and family - it's fruity flavour and sponge drenched in orange juice is perfect with a nice cup of tea and is a definite winner at bake sales !! Also a firm favourite with my colleagues who described it as "dead orangey!!!" Try making it and … Continue reading Orange drizzle cake

What makes us different….

Since humans started to appear in the timeline of evolution, we have fought alongside other species and sub species to inhabit this magnificent planet. 'Survival of the fittest' was the driving force for hundreds of thousands of years and the brute force of nature, which was all powerful, determined the existence of every being. Once … Continue reading What makes us different….

Child ….. the father???

Curious young minds and their incessant thirst for knowledge should be a trait carried over well into adult hood and also throughout our lives. Adults have a huge responsibility to guide and steer children and shape their thinking, so that they can  make informed decisions not only about their future but also for generations to … Continue reading Child ….. the father???

Let’s drink to that …..

Beverages both alcoholic and non alcoholic lends character and exalts food to the revered position it enjoys, quite satisfied to be the silent and strong but perfect partner to it's glorious companion. It could be a glamorous cocktail, a robust red wine, fresh fruit juice, tea/coffee or plain water- beverages have the power to transform a … Continue reading Let’s drink to that …..

South Indian vegetarian variety

Some of the most nutritious and simple vegetarian dishes often made in my kitchen is of the 'kootu' type which is a kind of gathering or coming together of vegetables and daal/lentil varieties. The basic masala mix is given below to which alternate cooked vegetables and lentils can be added to create a myriad of … Continue reading South Indian vegetarian variety