Mixed bajjis

There is little else that could be so moreish eaten wherever in the world you are, in any weather and enjoyed on your own or as a party snack accompanied with steaming hot coffee, a sharp gin and tonic or a chilled beer .... A big thumbs up to the bajjis that started out as … Continue reading Mixed bajjis

Orange drizzle cake

This is my 'go to' bake for friends, colleagues ¬†and family - it's fruity flavour and sponge drenched in orange juice is perfect with a nice cup of tea and is a definite winner at bake sales !! Also a firm favourite with my colleagues who described it as "dead orangey!!!" Try making it and … Continue reading Orange drizzle cake

South Indian vegetarian variety

Some of the most nutritious and simple vegetarian dishes often made in my kitchen is of the 'kootu' type which is a kind of gathering or coming together of vegetables and daal/lentil varieties. The basic masala mix is given below to which alternate cooked vegetables and lentils can be added to create a myriad of … Continue reading South Indian vegetarian variety