Spicy sausages

Ingredients Sausages (pork, beef, chicken, turkey or quorn) - 6 Garlic powder - 1 teaspoon Chilli sauce - 2 teaspoons Tomato sauce - 2 teaspoons Cooking oil - 3 to 4 teaspoons Salt-1 teaspoon Green chilli sliced & sprig of coriander(optional) Method Mix well the garlic powder, salt and the sauces and coat the sausages … Continue reading Spicy sausages

Hot & Sour Thai soup

It is fine to use store bought tom yum paste and works a treat but if you don't have it to hand or are a 'make from scratch' enthusiast just pound together in a mortar and pestle 2 pods of garlic, few small shallots, 1 stalk of lemon grass sliced and a small piece of … Continue reading Hot & Sour Thai soup