Food… glorious food

Whether you consider it the absolute force that brings people together or simply the fuel of life, food is a requisite for every single being on the planet. All of the civilisations have witnessed the birth of culinary creations that have been tweaked and tested over generations to enjoy as family meals or as a fine dining experience. The recipes here are a robust collection that not only include carefully preserved traditional menus handed down the line but also fusion cookery with a modern twist that appeals to a global audience.
Hailing from the land of perhaps the most widely acclaimed cuisines in the world, I didn’t want to be perceived just as a ‘curry connoisseur’ but rather an exponent of ‘foodie power.’
Each recipe has an association with either a family member, friend or strong links to a region. Marriage, relocations and motherhood strengthened this collection and gave it variety and choice. As the families and friends grew around me so did my interest in their treasured cooking methods. Regional variations and preparing delicacies was elevated to a different level altogether. But, if they were to be made in my kitchen there was one important rule – it had to be simple!!
Be it avial, Kerala fish curry, tom yum soup or spicy sausages these recipes are quick and simple to rustle up …. So don’t just browse … Be brave and get cooking ….feel the power.

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